My name is Jan

Welcome. My name is Jan. For the better part of half a decade I struggled against chronic lyme disease, and with God’s help, I prevailed and overcame it. My efforts to recover from the illness - which threatened to make all my dreams impossible to achieve - forced me to confront very deep structural, metabolic, and lifestyle imbalances, some of which had roots reaching into the earliest years of my life. I was plunged into a long period of incessant research and experimentation and several times throughout this process, everything I thought I knew about diet and human health was completely overhauled. Each time, my understanding of human structure and metabolism deepened significantly, and my health improved. The tools, techniques, and knowledge I gained over the years are available to you now. Are you looking for a structured coaching program and action plan geared toward helping you achieve your goals? If so, today is the day to begin.

“If you are sick, reconsider everything you are doing as a contributing factor.” -Ray Peat, PhD

Areas of Expertise

Utilize an ancestral dietary framework tailored to meet the demands of today for the purpose of building a high functioning metabolism - the key to energy and resilience.
Movement is medicine. Structure is function. Building a strong, resilient body is important for more than aesthetics or even physical strength - it is the perfect complement to a high metabolic rate.
Learn to address the environmental stressors and challenges prevalent in the world today in order to minimize toxic load and exposure to potentially harmful technology.
Varying and optimizing daily and nightly breathing habits is an often overlooked strategy for improving overall well-being. Harness the power of CO2 and achieve a state of high-energy relaxation.